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Bruxism Treatment in Atlanta & Suwanee, Georgia

Milestone Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics is dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive dental care and oral health solutions. Our experienced team specializes in diagnosing and treating bruxism, a common sleep disorder that can cause serious damage to your teeth and overall health. With personalized treatment plans, we can help alleviate your symptoms and protect your teeth from long-term damage.

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Why Bruxism Should Be Treated?

At Milestone Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics, we understand the impact that bruxism can have on oral health, overall health, and quality of life. Our experienced team of dental professionals can diagnose and treat bruxism promptly to prevent damage to teeth, soft tissues, and temporomandibular joints.

Here are some of the reasons why bruxism should be treated:

  • Gum recession and tooth loss
    Bruxism is a leading cause of gum recession and tooth loss. The abrasive action of teeth surfaces during normal sleep can damage the soft tissue directly and lead to loose teeth and deep pockets where bacteria can colonize and destroy the supporting bone.
  • Occlusal trauma
    Abnormal wear patterns on the occlusal (chewing) surfaces can lead to fractures in the teeth, which may require restorative treatment.
  • Arthritis
    In severe and chronic cases, bruxing can eventually lead to painful arthritis in the temporomandibular (TMJ) joints (the joints that allow the jaw to open smoothly).
  • Myofascial pain
    The grinding associated with bruxism can eventually shorten and blunt the teeth. This can lead to debilitating headaches and muscle pain in the myofascial region.
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Treatment Options for Bruxism

While bruxism is a common condition that can cause significant damage to teeth and jaw joints, there are several treatment options available to alleviate the symptoms of bruxism. Here are some of the best ones:


An acrylic mouthguard can be designed from tooth impressions to minimize the abrasive action of tooth surfaces during normal sleep. Mouthguards should be worn on a long-term basis to help stabilize the occlusion as well as prevent damage to teeth and temporomandibular joints.

NTI-tss Device

This device is fitted by a health professional and only covers the front teeth. The goal of the NTI-tss is to prevent the grinding of the rear molars by limiting the contraction of the temporalis muscle.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be injected into the muscles to relax and weaken them. Dermal fillers are an excellent treatment for bruxism because they weaken the muscles enough to prevent grinding but not enough to interfere with everyday functions like chewing and speaking.

Protect Your Dental Health with Bruxism Treatment

Taking care of bruxism is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth, avoiding pain and discomfort, and improving the overall quality of life. If you suspect you have bruxism or have been diagnosed with it, don’t hesitate to discuss treatment options with one of our dentists. Untreated bruxism can lead to serious dental problems and even chronic pain. Take action today and protect your dental health to keep your smile in top condition.

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